hello there

Hope your journey here
was an enjoyable one.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Kos. It's quite simple really. I am a software engineer with interests in many things. I was born in India, moved to London, and then Geneva, and then Lagos, and then to Ann Arbor.

Things I Do

After taking a deep, hard look at myself, I have realized that I am good at certain things.

  • Write code in many languages
  • Rapidly prototype ideas
  • Learn new stuff really quickly
  • Recommend good music
  • Explain away complexity
  • Experiment

A Few Accomplishments

These are a few things that I am proud of. Have a look at my resume for more detail.


Software Development Intern

Implemented a cross-browser, generic calendar control using the MVVM design pattern for the next release of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

CME Group

Java Developer Intern

Developed a Java UI application to add new and edit existing trades in the Swap Data Repository for quick and secure ETL procedures.

Univeristy of Michigan

B.S.E. in Computer Science Engineering

Graduating in December 2014 with coursework in Data Structures and Algorithms, Operating Systems, Machine Learning, Databases, and Security.

Some Projects

  • eargiroff.com is a portfolio website for Ann Arbor artist, Emma Argiroff, built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • BlockFighter is a local 2-4 multiplayer 2D fighting game with multiple maps and game modes. (Play | Source)
  • Identification of Promising Couples using Machine Learning is a machine learning research paper that uses multiple classification models to identify long-lasting couples. (Paper | Poster | Source)
  • Contra is a remake of the original 1987 NES game powered by the Unity platform. (Play | Source)
  • Evil Cat is an original game made on Unity about an evil cat that has to cause $900 of damage without getting caught. (Play | Source)
  • HeatMap Tool is a Unity tool that allows developers to rapidly add a telemetry infrastructure to track custom events, and visualize the collected data point in a heatmap that overlays the game level map. (Source)
  • Random Wiki Tab is a Chrome extension that opens a random Wikipedia page on a new tab and shows a popup window with a random Wikipedia page when clicked from the dashbar. (Download | Source)
  • As a research assistant at the Brooks Computational Lab I edited shell scripts on UNIX to implement different simulation strategies for macromolecules using CHARMM . Additionally, I reduced the run time of simulation algorithm from O(n) to O(log n) by using a bilateral approach.
  • CC Snake is a multiplayer snake game that travels between computers on a network built in Java during MHacks 2013. (Source)

Contact Me

Please feel free to get in touch.